Identify and reach leads via LinkedIn.

B2B lead generation replaces old-fashioned sales to effectively stimulate the interest of potential customers.

Calling makes way for chat messages. Community building replaces advertising spam. And always goal-oriented, strategically thought out and, above all, personal.


Generate high quality leads via LinkedIn is hard. 

Especially for busy [ICP 1] in [Branche 1]


Because of unproductive prospecting.

Buyers of B2B-services want to establish meaningful connections with professionals before working with them. 

The most effective way to realize this is through personalized content and establishing the seller (you) as an authority.

Reasons of unproductive prospecting:​

  • Personalized lead generation requires time & skills;
  • Executives don’t have the time to learn or execute​ themselves.

So, they share irrelevant (or no) content​. This leads to unproductive prospecting and an inconsistent sales funnel. 


Personalized, semi-automated campaigns via LinkedIn.

Attract the right people without spending time on creating personalized content and building a network. 

We do this by running personalized LinkedIn campaigns that deliver warm leads. 

This results in:

  • Reduced time spent prospecting yourself;
  • Establishing trust from your target audience​;
  • Improved conversion rates;
  • More leads and introductions.

Curious how? Keep on reading and learn how our system works. Also for you.

Proven Leadgeneration system.

We help you with our proven leadgeneration system. The following steps are the core of the system:

1. Prepare your campaign.

We help you with identifying your audience on LinkedIn. Based on your needs we help you with:

  • Set campaign goals;
  • Defining your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP);
  • Define relevant content topics;
  • Optimizing your LinkedIn profile;
  • Writing your first 12 optimized LinkedIn posts.

Approach & Duration:

Call & interview with client to get started. In 2 weeks you are ready to start the next step.

2. Connect & create your audience.

We provide you with an extensive list of your ideal customers to connect with via LinkedIn. We help you with:

  • Automating connecting requests;
  • Writing compelling connection requests; 
  • Increase the acceptation rate of your requests;
  • Tips and trics to optimize.

Approach & Duration:

Workshop in automation with do's and don'ts. In 2 weeks you have at least 100 new revelant connections.

3. Execute the campaign.

Execute the plan. We help you with turning on the system with:

  • Consistently & automated posting on LinkedIn;
  • Nurture your ideal customers on a automated way
  • Stay top-of-mind with relevant messages and content;
  • Send requests for introduction meetings.

Approach & Duration:

We help you to stay on track. Weekly calls where we provide you with tips & analytics. This step takes 10 weeks.

4. Set relevant introduction meetings.

The final step is leveraging your effort into meetings. We help you with:

  • Optimizing your meeting request messages;
  • Provide you with templates to generate maximum impact;
  • Help you setup relevant meetings with your ideal customers.

Approach & Duration:

Being selective is relevant. This step takes 2 weeks. After this, we keep on going with step 2 & 3 to keep a consistent flow of leads.

Ready to identify and reach leads?

Join our unique launching customer project. A 16 week period where you will have professional help and get succes. Guaranteed.

Yes, I am ready.

Case: Finding a job in Singapore.

Talking to industry leaders, expanding his professional network and gaining meaningful connections. Bjorn-Lars Wijbenga found a job in Singapore using the System. Here's how:


Björn is a management consultant with 4 years experience in leading change and transformation projects. In the summer of 2023 Björn decided with his wife to relocate to Singapore. However, as Björn's employer was based in Amsterdam, he had to find a new assignment in Singapore.

He believed that he could find a great one through his network. However, he knew he didn't have a local network in Singapore. So, Björn had to come up with a way to create one to find a new job. In a foreign country with high competition in terms of expat jobs. 

Where to start?


With the support by the team of Hermoor Björn created a list of desired employers. He wanted to focus his outreach on senior executives that were actively recruiting transformation project managers.

He improved his LinkedIn profile and decided to focus on writing content related to change and transformation. For him it was important to tell his own story, by using personal examples that would relate with his audience.

Three months after his first connections and posts on LinkedIn, Björn started to reach out to his connections and request a meeting. 


With the first conversations trickling in, Björn learned about his ICP and could use these insights for the content he created. He continued posting twice a week, responding to his messages and nurtured his connections with regular personal updates.

In december 2023 he quit his job and take the leap of faith.  He realized:

  • 87.000 post impressions;
  • 712 new relevant connections;
  • 34 unique posts;
  • 76 meetings;
  • 3 job offers;
  • 1 job landed.

By the end of January he received 3 job offers of which he accepted 1. In the first week of February he started his new job. 

Get started yourself.

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